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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  May 6, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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can look to integrate on the broader scale. >> part of that effort pushing current rules behind visual line of sight operations. currently drone operators must have a visual contact with their drones. the goal of course is safety one drone, one operator. but it makes google or amazon's goal of drone deliveries basically impractical. other commercial industries are also interested in this technology and the faa program is now looking into expanding use by the media, by agricultural firms and for inspecting our nation's infrastructure. there are six national faa test sites in the path finding program. instead of the line of sight rule they would use first person view systems. that's basically where an offsite operator uses the drone's camera to pilot the drone. other firms are developing sensors and technology that
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could replace a pilot or operator completely. gabe gutierrez in atlanta at the international drone conference. this suspect exactly the announcement every company was hoping for. what can you tell us? how does this work for people who don't know a lot about these individual drones? >> reporter: good afternoon, it depends on which company you talk to. yes, some of them wanted the faa to go further and for a very long time and several years, there have been critics within the industry that say that the faa has been very slow to regulate this industry and that has dragged its feet basically, something the faa says it not true they are trying to balance safety and privacy concerns but this announcement was well received by many of the companies here on the floor. i'll show you one of these drones, this vision aerial and some of the new technology we're seeing here. it has a go pro camera mounted on it. and it is for both commercial
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and recreational use. there are nearly 600 companies here watching this industry very close a and watching what the faa does next. back to what the faa administrator said he said he was teaming up with several companies to study several aspects of the drone industry, including inspection of infrastructure such as railroads and news gathering and line of sight which could industry companies say could open up the path for drone deliveries by companies like google and amazon. there's another company here called flirty which was started in australia now operating in new zealand and testing drone deliveries there. would like to bring its business to the u.s. >> what might the one you're holding, what might that cost? >> reporter: what did you say? >> how much might that cost? how much would the price be of that drone? >> reporter: this particular drone i was just handed it doernt know the exact price.
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a similar drone we spoken to the company before a different one, that was about under $1,000. many drones here several hundred. you can buy them here in -- i know online you can google drones and people are using them more and more for photography, cost several hundred dollars. and so the difference is now when will these regulations kick in for commercial use versus recreational use and there's a lot of questions right now. these companies are waiting until the faa sorts it out. >> gabe gutierrez in atlanta, thank you so much. now we'll got right to allen levin who covers all things drone related for bloomberg. let's talk about who the guinea pigs are. if you're a regular american are you going to be subject to risk under the drone rules? >> you have commercial users,
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pretty small right now, only 250 companies but there are tens and thousands of people out there who have gotten drones and flying them. in theory they could buzz your window and try and peep inside. if you're at a sporting event and one of these is there, it could theer etically malfunction and hit somebody. we've seen that before. it was impacting a lot more people. >> i don't know if i like the sound of that drones peeping into windows. whatever happens with the drone policy that's going to affect ultimately more companies that google and amazon. a number of industries rely on drone, shipping companies and utility companies, checking electronic wires and engineers to inspect bridges and farmers to help take care of their crops. even real estate to take pictures and video of their property. talk to us about this. >> part the pun but the sky is the limit on this business world. >> i see what you did.
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>> i also would say that the jury is out a little bit. this is -- it's not clear just how many companies are going to survive. i think we're going to see big shake outs and all. some of the estimates are tens of billions of dollars a year in over the next decade or so. >> the possibilities do seem endless, but i think to abby's point, the think a lot of americans would be nervous about, they have cameras on them flying in the air, may not even see them. they can come up to your window. what sort of regulations does the faa have in place to deal with those privacy and secrecy concerns? >> the faa itself they regulate aviation and they've said look we are not the body that needs to deal with these complicated privacy issues. so there's a white house led group that's trying to figure this out.
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it's not just personal privacy, you have law enforcement issues too. should you get a warrant if you're going to fly one of these and follow somebody around in a police department. a lot of this needs to be worked out but i would also add there are a lot of laws on the books now that should apply to the most egregious abuses of these things. >> but you once interviewed a man who was formerly the head of the fa a's unmaned division and he told you the reality is there's no way to patrol all of the unmaned drone that we could have, so how will the faa enforce these rules? >> that is a very good question. since that interview, the faa and industry have done an awful lot to try to educate people. i think the biggest problem has been people who didn't understand what the rules were who were trying to fly near an airport and didn't understand the risks and that sort of thing. that education program, i think is having a significant effect.
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actually today at the drone conference, the faa unvamed a new app for your iphone which you can just flip up and it will tell you that it's safe to fly in the region or you're too close to an airport, too close to other air traffic, you can't fly. so they are trying to like crazy to come -- to better enforce these rules. >> that doesn't give me an overwhelming amount of confidence that we're relying on people using an app. thank you for your insight. guys, i've got to say, i think this could be the beginning of the end for everything. >> life as we know it. >> another example of robots coming to take over and take our jobs and livelihoods. >> i don't know, krystal, i'm more happy about what we see in the future at least as it goes for hollywood and documentaries and news coverage and even coverage of sports this is a moment from the wolf of wall street where score says zi uses
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a drone -- >> there were cool things about it and you can go on amazon and drones are on sale right now. anyone can go out and buy a drone but to your point, i already feel we have almost zero privacy. there was a drone expert on with thomas roberts earlier and said don't walk around naked in your home. i'm sorry, about fut you're in your home you should be able to do -- >> problem solved don't walk around naked in your house. what's the problem? >> barely any privacy anymore, what does the world look like when there's a bunch of drones flying around. i won't want to leave my house. >> and super sale at amazon. >> gabe gutierrez, the hot tip for us there. i think you are all right in the sense that i think tour'e is absolutely correct that the potential here of technology for artists, for public safety for what we might call good and interesting thing is really cool that's why this is so neat yet as krystal and abby are
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saying, there are huge implications we need to look out for. and warren g.'s classic song regulators you remember that one -- >> yeah. >> this is a federal moment where you want regulators. we want the power of american industry to unlock this. but if nobody is watching you better they are going to be buzzing as we were told by reporter buzzing your home hitting people at sporting events. there's danger. >> ari, what would dmx say about drones? >> he would be barking into the drone, literally barking. i'm glad you raised the question. dmx -- next up british election elections. >> other breaking news that we promised, the deflategate controversy, the report is now out and let's say not a lot of people are surprised by what it found. that's up ahead as well.
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♪ >> that's not our election music but it is appropriate because brits go to the polls to elect a prime minister with potential major foreign policy implications for the u.s. david cameron is locked in the closest general election in 25 years. there's no clear cut favorite with less than 24 hours to go. the uk afacing huge financial deficits and fiercely debating issues like immigration and fight against terrorism. does that sound familiar? what is the mood where you are? >> we're 12 hours from polls
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opening and despite a campaign that ground on for months we're no closer to know who might win. the most recent poll suggests that the parties are so close that we still wont get a winner. they may be completely tied. that means that prime minister david cameron is likely to have to form another coalition government share power with other smaller parties if he's to stay in office or he may find that his main rival labor leader with do a more convincing job of building a coalition government at which a government will be out of a job. the main feedback seems to be that voters despite the intense campaign really none of the two main parties have given a convincing reason why they should be in office. there's not much to operate them policiwise, britain still has a huge deficit to tackle and austerity measures to deal with. most committed for many years in the future with little to separate them voters are
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fragmenting to smaller parties like the scottish nationalists and right wing u.k. independence party which ones britain to pull out of the european union. cameron has promised a referendum on whether britain should remain in the eu and only part that promised to keep defense spending as it is and that's important for washington with britain being a key nato ally. and it means that with the importance of these small parties in forming a coalition government, even when we get results on friday it could be a long time yet before we find out who will be a number 10 and next british prime minister to meet the president. >> alistair thanks so much. the u.s. and britain may be inseparable allies but the election process could not be more different. nearly ten are running for president with 553 days left until our election. >> around the corner. >> the entire campaign season
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lasts 38 days. let's bring in bbc's north america editor john who is going to win this thing and why should americans outside of washington, d.c. care? >> reporter: well i mean we used to have such easy elections like you do in the states where it's either red or blue and nothing else in between. that's the way it's been since the second world war. just imagine in the u.s. context states going orange and purple and green and yellow and they are all picking up electoral college votes, meaning it's impossible for any one party to reach the magic number of 270 where you become the president. we've got the same problem here in the uk, different policies between the conservative david cameron and here in leads where ed is starting his final rally of the campaign. it's important because it will affect britain's place in the world and important because it will affect britain's
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relationship with the united states of america and just as it was getting warm in washington, they send me back to the uk to cover the finale of this election and it's cold here. >> that's definitely not fair. as abbi said this is the closest election england has said in a quarter century. they are tied or within the margin of error. what does it say they are so deeply divided between the two parties? >> you know it's really interesting because when i was back in washington and i was following it closely, what was happening here i thought that david cameron would be a shoe-in to be re-elected as prime minister on two key polling indexes he's way out in front. those are the ones that normally decide elections. who dough you trust to be prime minister? who do you trust best to run the economy? the conservatives beat labor. you would think conserve i haves would be way out in front. well they are not, there's something about the conservative
12:18 pm
brand it all dates back to thatcher and divisions in british society that some people can't bring themselves to vote conservative. the labor party have run a good campaign and it's been a tightly disciplined campaign. quite a long way to the left of anything that i suspect the democrats would offer with hillary clinton as the candidate but it's been a left wing campaign that has been offered and when ed miliband was challenged are you tough enough he said i stood up to barack obama when we voted the labor party voted against supporting military action in syria a couple of years ago. i'm not sure if ed miliband wins the general election. how warm the reception will be when he gets to the white house to meet the president. >> that's an interesting detail. talk to me about the far right party, the uk independence party which as the name suggests wants the uk to be independent from the european union and far right anti-immigrant views but they've been picking up steam and seats
12:19 pm
in local elections in the past year. do you expect them to do pretty well here? >> reporter: and i don't think they are going to win a huge number of seats. what they will do is probably take a lot of votes from the center right conservative party, the nearest would be the republicans i guess you could say and that would stop conservatives getting that victory. britain, who always had this really uneasy relationship with the european union, we like going on a holiday but don't juan to be governed by europe. there's a united states of europe being built not so much the united states of america and british people say no we're different. we don't want to be part of that. we're not part of your single currency, we don't accept the euro, there's a strong feeling in britain they don't want to go that path. that's why the uk independence party standing on a policy of saying we need to get out of the
12:20 pm
european union and stop the tide of immigration has made them a very much more effective campaigning machine than they had been previously and absolute nightmare for david cameron. >> and john miliband's people have suggested if there is a hung out, voting system that they will somehow have the edge. how will it work if that's what happens? >> reporter: who knows? i wish i could give you a clear answer. there was a question of arithmetic, of course there is part of that how did the numbers stack up? who can we do deals with? can we get across the line so we have over half of the members of parliament? you need to get to 326 to do that. but there's also legitimacy questions. will public opinion accept the party that came second say if that's labor, doing deals with the parties that came third and fourth?
12:21 pm
and the public opinion will also play a party in that. will the public buy that sort of deal? an overshadowing all of this is the role a bit north of here is the scottish national party who looked like they are set for the most phenomenal victory in history that could alter fundamentally the way the united kingdom works. >> we're certainly be watching closely. thanks for that. >> back to our breaking news, the deflategate report is out and tom brady has some real explaining to do, guys.
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and now for the segment we've all been waiting for. >>gy alter the ball in any way, i have a process i go through, before every game i go in and pick the balls that i want to -- the footballs i want to use for game. i feel like i've always played within the rules. would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play and
12:25 pm
respect the league everything they are doing to create a competitive playing field for all of the nfl teams. >> now appears that this is not exactly true. breaking today the nfl's investigation of the patriots and deflategate has come out and it's a 243 page report and it has found that it's more probable than not that patriots equipment personnel intentional intentionally deflated footballs in a deliberate effort to release air from the balls and circumvent the rules and quarterback tom bratddy was quote, at least generally aware of inappropriate activities. the investigation uncovered texts between two patriots equipment people one of them said, quote, tom sucks, i'm going to make that next ball a blank balloon. in a statement, quote, he was disappointed in its findings which did not include hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the afc championship game. it remains to be seen what
12:26 pm
discipline they will get. but it's undeniable that all of those who thought deflat gate meant the patriots were caught cheating, now have enough evidence to believe that and the patriots legacy has been tainted. let's bring in michael pillon from the pacific northwest and steve kornacki from new england. you can imagine how this might play out. mary it appears tom brady's integrity has taken a huge hit, not only does he appear to be monkeying around with the balls on the field but also in this moment, he went into this denyial moment, i don't know what you're talking about. surly he knew. >> clearly it's a big day for sea hawks fans. it's fascinating reading, text messages and fisphysicists and it was pretty exhaustive i was fascinated by the league's response. you have a league under assault how it handle d head injuries
12:27 pm
and domestic violence last week the draft, slip in this news they are changing tax status which was a huge rallying cry for critics and now you have a scandal for everybody was saying was so hyped and now it turns out there's a lot to it. and the text -- the exchange between these gentleman is really fascinating. >> i can't imagine two people within the patriots organization saying tom sucks. >> steve, here's the facts, the one guy in the text message calls himself the deflator. tom bratddy refuses to turn over -- >> talking about the needles and goodies that tom will give them and tom does give them autographed goodies, come on. >> what i love though tour'e especially that you wait until the report came out, you waited until all of the evidence came out to tell us what you thought the patriots were up to. you're saying the exact same
12:28 pm
things before you read the report. >> and he was right. >> what are you talking about? >> a couple of points here. shouldn't be too big of a day in seattle. we know the balls, inflation level in the balls for the super bowl had never been monitored more closely than for this super bowl. >> patriots wouldn't have been there without that. >> for the sea hawks, couldn't stop them get 37 for 50 with four touchdowns with balls at the proper level. >> a bigger point, look at this four months -- >> dodging your question. >> the investigation began with all of the tour's of the world, we know they cheated, that's what you were saying four months ago. what does this report tell us? it uses very wishy washy language -- >> i'm serious. >> the evidence were incon electrovertable, they wouldn't say it is more probable than not
12:29 pm
at least generally aware. my only point -- i'm quoting from the report directly. further siz that the ownership of the patriots that the head coach of the patriots whose integrity you were impuning four months and told me bill belichick was a cheater -- >> he must have known. >> hang on. now you don't believe the report because the report specifically says and says he has no knowledge of wrong doing and committed no wrong doing. >> okay the star player put -- >> here's what's striking about the report. >> you can agree with the report and it's not funny. >> it's striking because it lays the evidence out. i was struck how journalistic parts of it were it puts the text out there. it's going to be open to interpretation and always fascinating when something like this comes out where fans on one side see one thing and fans on the other see something else and reading two different reports.
12:30 pm
i think because this one is so long and there's so many pieces of evidence and quotes from folks in there, patriots fans will read one thing and sea hawks fans will see another. >> i don't know you can see anything else. >> if that's obvious, why didn't the report say he's guilty he did it. it doesn't say that. >> i'm surprised how balanced that language was. if you read through these text messages and look at the fact that right after the stuff hit the fan these guys are all frantically calling each other, haven't talked in months. >> i'm saying it already seems implausible when brady gave the press conference. >> give me another explanation for what happened other than tom brady and these two guys co- ss kol luded to deflate the ball. >> when tom brady gave the conference, he said that guy is looking nervous, seems he's on the verge of tears. that press conference was just
12:31 pm
as suspicious -- >> i don't know what he's talking about and also find -- >> don't know what he's talking about, really? >> can i please jump in here, tom brady is night guy and i'm sad. you would be a good politician because you are a great spinner. i will say that. let me ask you about tom brady. this could have been a great legacy for someone like tom brady. he's talented enough he did not have to deflate these balls. what does this mean longer term for someone who just won the super bowl? >> what the sanctions are going to be is something we're still waiting on. you have to step back and think about football. and tom brady is an enterprise, he has a mini economy around him all proathletes do. the incentives to give an edge at that level of professional football are enormous. we're talking about so much money. the amount of money going through the nfl is astonishing. i almost -- i shouldn't -- i
12:32 pm
don't think any of us should be surprised. if you could get the slightest edge in one of the biggest games in your life and entire career riding on that we can't be surprised athletes are doing that. look at lance armstrong, quirking of baseball bats came -- >> steroids on and on. >> that was always -- at the heart of the defense for the patriots fans, homer errhomerism, at the heart of it it came down to that, the difference between cheating and gamesmanship. if this is true and these reports are correct in its inferences then you say this is cheating. at the same time, this is a sport where every receiver who does not catch a pass and those who don't catch a pass pretends they do and tries to fool the ref, that is cheating. we don't call that cheating -- >> that's not cheating. >> that's part of the game. >> how is that not cheating? >> that's the point. >> i do think steve said it
12:33 pm
best. >> why wouldn't you do it if it didn't give you an advantage? mary, you're right i'm sorry, steve, you're wrong and we still love you. >> coming up from the football field to the 2016 field, first a little flashback from the president congratulating the pats last month at the white house. >> i usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events but with the patriots in town i was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat.
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(music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. hillary clinton is taking the fight directly to them threatening to use further executive action authorities to expand provisions if the gop led congress refuses to pass immigration reform and not holding back in criticizing republicans for failing to do so thus far. >> make no mistakes today not a
12:37 pm
single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship, not one. when they talk about legal status that is code for second class status. >> and for more on this clinton offensive and all things politics we go to john stan done for buzz feed and wearing a tie tightly wound so far today. maybe we can loosen it. >> what? >> maybe we can loosen that tie as the segment continues. >> well we'll see about that. i don't know. >> what's happening right now? >> we'll see. i just wanted to burn up a few seconds at the top of the interview. what i want to ask you about, when you listen to hillary clinton's language there, of course, she is very explicitly going after all republicans, not picking a front-runner or particular one and seems to me to be implicitly noting the backsliding of the gop, easy to
12:38 pm
forget but the last republican president was for some version of immigration reform. >> i think this is a good issue for her to come out on. she definitely took a turn to the left but it is note totally surprising given where the politics are, it's good for democrats to say they want to have a pathway to citizenship and want to expand the ability of people to not be deported. and republicans have definitely been moving away from that. this helps her to a certain degree solidify her support amongst the latino kmupt. it is not something they are going to feel like they've been pushed back but it is going to give her some ground to fight with them on as opposed to what's been happening the last couple of weeks where she's taking shots that it's hard for her to fight back against. >> republican candidates have to really ask themselves the important questions, are they willing to risk losing essentially an entire generation of hispanics to please the base in the primary, i say that because you look at someone like
12:39 pm
jeb bush who stood strong on immigration reform and our most recent polling shows he's struggling with conservatives. this is a perfect example of how different the primary process is if they nominate someone not for immigration reform how will that play in a general? >> what they are looking at frankly this will come down to places like ohio and florida where this issue is not as big of a deal. he can certainly win in ohio if they have to tack hard to the right on immigration. but this may be one of the last years of that as possible. i think smart republicans are looking at this issue and saying we've got to find a way out of this, the more pragmatic republicans are looking at it and saying for right now our primary process is the way it is. if we're going to get out of that we'll have to take a hard line on this and retrench to where republicans were a few years ago opposed to where they were post 2012. >> let's get back to talking about hillary because it's all about hillary of the even when
12:40 pm
it's all about hillary, it seems to also be all about elizabeth warren who is clearly influencing hillary's positions and many moments seems to sound like elizabeth warren and in this week's new yorker, barney franks says warren's power comes from not being in the race and saying she is an absolute veto over public policy issues and if she would hint at being a candidate, that would be over. do you think she is more powerful out of the race than in it? >> yeah, i definitely do. i think barney frank is overstating her ability by a fair amount but she is by standing on the outside and becoming this voice for the progressive side of the party, she has a lot more ability to influence what hillary's positions are going to be. if she gets into it she has to fight hillary and hillary will have to fight back against her. i don't know if that will help her out frankly and she's
12:41 pm
helping bring hillary along. i think for hillary clinton this is probably a good thing. this is providing her with the ability to show that she's hearing the base and hearing the progressive side of the party and modifying her views for them, which is going to be necessary if she's going to get all of those folks to turn out in the next election which is going to be very key for her. >> you know how you can be even more influential, by being president of the united states. looks like that's not happening. let's talk about the one challenger that hillary clinton does have bernie sanders. i knew there was this energy this grass roots support for him but i'm surprised how many people have gotten involved. he's touting 50,000 contributed, 200,000 volunteers and these are obviously the early days of his campaign. he seems in terms of the energy of his supporters he could have a ron paul like thing going on. these people are really committed and really excited about bernie sanders.
12:42 pm
>> yeah you know he draws in folks that let's say often vote for a green party candidate or something like that or very hard left democratic candidate and you know state level races or congressional races. and those folks, if he's able to bring them into the democratic party apparatus, that could be very good for hillary clinton in the end when -- if elections are sort of fought on the margins in the end in terms of getting base voters out, she's going to need those folks to come into the party at the end of the day. i think it's been surprising frankly to see the number of people that the senator has been able to mobilize but there is this group of large group of people on the left not unlike people on the right that want ammalam some alternative to the establishment. >> the democratic party releasing its update that they are going to have several, six debates with people like bernie sanders and jim webb and martin o'malley if he announces. do you think that hillary will
12:43 pm
welcome that or does that risk reminding people this could be a wider race? >> i think she needs to have debates. if there weren't real debates and not serious debates, it's going to look bad for her. she's the type of candidate that needs to be engaged throughout the primary. if she's floating alone with nothing to do during the primary, she can start to get into problems with saying things like it's hard for me i'm like a regular middle class person that kind of thing, where it doesn't work well for her. if she's got somebody to fight with and somebody to sort of push back against and have them push her in certain directions, that does nothing about but good things for her. >> she was broke when she came out of the white house. >> trouble paying her mortgages. >> they were literally $14 million in debt. >> immediately had $14 million to pay off the debt. >> they paid it down. >> they are doing okay. >> it's a rise and fall story.
12:44 pm
john stanton, thank you as always. straight ahead they often say a picture is worth a thousand words, if that's true we're going to need extra air time for our next guest. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪ ♪ my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ ♪ my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] my mom makes trains that are friends with trees. [ train whistle blows ] ♪ ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ ♪
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12:48 pm
people who want to publish bookers like diane walker, the white house photographer for decades including during the first clinton administration. walker's new book gives us walker's photos of hillary throughout her years as first lady senator and candidate and secretary of state. i know what i'm getting abby for her birthday. it's a pleasure to welcome diana walker. the blackberry photograph that you shot of hillary is beyond iconic at this point, perhaps one of the most iconic of hillary's career. what do you see when you look at this photograph? >> oh, it's iconic all right. when i saw it i thought, this looks a little weird and i shot it and then it appear on tumblr and i was concerned with it being stolen off of "time"" website and put on tumbler
12:49 pm
without my permission. then i realized this sent this picture all around the world and back and forth and back and forth of the and the secretary of state was being a very good sport about it and that i should shape up and forget about some archaic copyright idea and enjoy the ride. every time i look at it i say hey, that's really funny. >> it is really funny and cool to be the person who shot that photograph. you also have great photos in here of hillary with chelsea as chelsea is growing up in the white house. i think we have one of those that we can put up on the screen. what did you -- what will we learn about how hillary balanced her roles as mother and first lady and also very ambitious person herself from the photographs in this book? >> you know i'm not sure how i can answer that because i photographed hillary every time i got the opportunity to do it.
12:50 pm
i was in the white house to photograph basically the president of the united states but i often had time to do both of them. and often i was given permission to go behind the scenes. but i photographed what i saw. every so often, there would be something like the picture you just saw of the first lady looking at chelsea, the lebtngth of her dress that she was going to wear to the inaugural. and that is so human, you don't even need a caption. and those were the kinds of pictures that i was always looking for, to show you some kind of a relationship. but i show you what i saw and then you make up your mind whether it's of human interest or not. >> diana, i know you had access to hillary clinton that journalists today would literally give an arm and a leg to have. you got to know the real version of hillary clinton, who she really is. looking back on the years, what is the biggest misconception
12:51 pm
about her that might surprise us? >> i did get lucky on my access and i did get behind the scenes quite a lot. and the first thing i noticed when i went behind the scenes is what a sense of humor the first lady had. i was not aware of that. and it was all over the place behind the scenes and added enormous enormously to -- well i saw it as a great asset. >> you hear that from a lot of people who are close to her and cover her in settings where she is more casual out of the limelight. she's clearly someone who has that other side to her but has decided through the public experiences she's had to be much more careful in her public life. let me ask you point blank, does she like to be photographed? >> i think she's a very good sport about it. she and the president both were
12:52 pm
photographed so much because they had their own staff photographers always taking their picture. and then they had intrusive people like the press, that's me coming in asking for behind the scenes plus they had all the open photo ops to deal with. and i think that people who live that way begin to forget that they do -- they are being photographed all the time. they both said they just -- it was so much a part of their lives, they just didn't think about it very much. >> diana, that picture we have up right there of bill and hillary. so much has been said about their relationship. when i look at those sort of images and there's a bunch of images like that in the book it does seem like there is a deep love between them. is that what you saw through your camera? >> as i described those pictures, that's what i saw.
12:53 pm
and i again say i leave you to interpret those pictures. but i was there, i was across the deck from them. i used a long lens and that's what i saw. and i leave it to you. >> spoken like a true artist. diana walker thank you so much for your time. still ahead, numbers don't lie, so ari wants to know how america's political class is missing the point when it comes to policing the police. that's next. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. christina sheldon and her mother linda, have always been close. so it was only natural that linda started helping christina out when she started her jewelry company, christina v. neither of them ever guessed that linda would become the number one employee. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment
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as the nation watched baltimore over the past weeks, many said this controversy over
12:57 pm
alleged police brutality feels familiar. another replay of events in staten island or cleveland or chicago. the dilemmas of urban crime and aggressive policing are certainly familiar but what happened in baltimore on friday is actually fairly rare. a local prosecution of police officers for violence against a suspect. that did not happen in staten island or a video showing officers killing an unarmed man did not lead to any charges. not assault, not police misconduct, not manslaughter. in fact that outcome wasn't even controversial in staten island. just last night voters elected the local d.a. who led that investigation, republican dan donovan, to congress in a special election. there has not been a prosecution either in cleveland where it's been five months since police shot a 12-year-old boy carrying a plastic toy gun and national data tells the same story. most allegations of police misconduct are not charged. and when police are charged, their conviction rate is half
12:58 pm
that of the regular population. if you go further and they are actually convicted, they are incarcerated at one-quarter of the rate of all other convicts in the population. so right there, the approach of the baltimore prosecutors breaks with those trends. now, any time police brutality arises, it is critical to note these incidents are a tiny sliver of national police conduct. the president reminded us of that again this week. >> it's also really important to remember that the overwhelming majority of police officers are doing an outstanding job. [ applause ] we were in new york today where a young officer lost his life doing his job and, you know families, officers all across the country every day, they're wondering is my loved one going to come home. and so they have got a really tough job. >> absolutely true. and that point is often made as
12:59 pm
a salute to brave and honest cops who should not be tainted by these stories. but it also speaks to why it is so vital to prosecute the few bad apples committing crimes in uniform. studies show that not only are police shootings a rare part of daily policing as the president was saying but the officers who do shoot a lot themselves are atypical. a comprehensive 2012 study of 1,084 officers in a major urban police department found that a small proportion of officers are responsible for a large proportion of use of force incidents. an even smaller proportion are breaking the law by shooting suspects who pose no real danger or mistreating shackled detainees. but those who do must be subject to the same laws they enforce against the rest of us. and when you look at all of this all the debate it is one of the strangest features here in america that some people think it helps good cops to defend bad cops at all costs or
1:00 pm
say that the police should somehow be shielded from the very prosecutorial system. any healthy society, well we should demand it. all right. that does it for our show today. now with alex wagner starts right now. hillary clinton is weathering the storm. mitch mcconnell just snubbed his own party. and more lawmakers buy into the idea that the u.s. military wants to take over texas. but first, the official deflategate report is out and there is bad news in it for tom brady. it's wednesday may 6th and this is "now." >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> breaking news